Innovation. Quality. Sustainability.


Seagarden is a major producer of fish-based ingredients and we supply many different industries, from food manufacturers to pet food, aquaculture and aquarium feed. Our products are also used in pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and food supplements. We have production facilities in the South-west and North of Norway and we use raw materials from the Norwegian fishing industry which is unique in the world, based as it is on sustainable fishing stocks and clean waters. This is the reason for the purity and high quality of our products. In addition we have experienced workers, modern production lines and unique manufacturing processes. Seagarden has a multicultural environment and our team can communicate in several different languages. We sell products all over the world with via our network of distributors and agents.

Seagarden has a long tradition of delivering quality to customers with high demands and we pride ourselves on delivering to customers’ expectations irrespective of size. Our main factory is located on the island of Karmøy on the south-west coast of Norway and is ISO 22000 certified.

High quality raw materials

Seagarden focuses on using Nordic wild-caught raw materials from sustainable fishing stocks and most of our products are MSC approved. The MSC stamp guarantees that the product comes from sustainable sources. (MSC stands for Marine Stewardship Council: This is important because fish and seafood are the life support of coastal communities the world over. However, there is a limit to the biological resources of the ocean and how much harvesting it can sustain. Many fish species are near to extinction because of over-fishing.

Seagarden prides itself on competence and development. Through cooperation with respected research centres such as Haukeland University Hospital, the University of Bergen, NOFIMA, NTNU and the Arctic University of Norway, we endeavour to contribute to product R & D as well as improved documentation for marine products. Our companies are involved in research projects supported by Innovation Norway and the Research Council of Norway. Most of our products are Halal-approved and Seagarden is SMETA 4 Pillars approved meaning that we follow ethical guidelines which stipulate how we should behave towards our employees, our suppliers and our customers.