Produced with respect for nature

Fish derived collagen peptides are receiving more and more attention due to their favorable characteristics and fewer consumer reservations compared to mammal-derived ingredients.

Seagarden has developed a production line for marine-based collagen peptides to cater the growing demands of the nutraceutical and cosmetic industries worldwide.

To produce Seagarden Marine Collagen we use only high quality marine raw materials in our production. This provides the purest source of high quality and 100% natural collagen peptides available on the market.

Seagarden Marine Collagen is mainly made from fish skin from cod, whitefish, and salmon, hydrolyzed through an enzymatic process where the long-chained collagen is cut into short peptides.

Collagen peptides are a unique oligopeptide supplying the necessary amino acids for the development of collagen in human connective tissues and skin. Through the enzymatic hydrolysis process, the product loses its gelling effect and becomes water-soluble.

Collagen peptides are highly digestible and suitable as an oral supplement. Studies show that collagen peptides have a better bioavailability in the human body than gelatin, due to the difference in molecular size. Our product is suitable for those who do not use collagen from traditional bovine and porcine sources.

Clinical studies recommend a daily dose of 10 g, for a minimum of three months, for best effect. Followed by a daily maintenance dose of 5 g. Since it is readily soluble in water, it can be mixed with beverages such as water, juice, or other liquids, or in foods such as yoghurt, porridge, or cereals.

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