Seagarden’ s ambition is to contribute to a more sustainable future by producing our products from raw materials that are otherwise considered to be a non-resource in food production. In Seagarden we care about the fishing stocks and the environmental impact of fishing. We are proud to be able to produce high quality fish-based ingredients from marine residual raw materials.

Overfishing and changes in the marine habitats are threats we must face every day.

Seagarden adopted a vision of “be-smart” production, which involves reusing energy in our production. This takes place through reuse of hot water for heating in production and production premises, – an active energy economy with the use of heat and refrigerant, as well as less water-consuming processes.

Seagarden will contribute to achieving the UN’s sustainability goals. We shall contribute to a more sustainable future by:

  • our core business – producing food and dietary supplements from raw materials that would otherwise not have been used.
  • our business practices – by acting in a sustainable and responsible manner.

Sustainably sourced raw materials from the North Atlantic Ocean