Seafood contains a unique combination of all the important nutrients your body needs and should play an important role in a balanced diet. The Norwegian government recommends eating at least 2-3 fish meals a week, in total 300-450g. The American Heart Association recommends eating various fish meals twice a week. Some experts claim that best health effect is achieved by eating some fish or seafood every day. 

Seagarden Nutritional Supplements, natural fish powders of high quality, make it easier to eat fish every day. 

• Produced from high quality, frozen raw materials

• No chemical additives

• Real balance of important and highly digestible nutrients

• Excellent fresh fish surrogate: one part  is equivalent to 5 parts of fish

• FSSC 22000 certified manufacturing facilities 

Seafood contains highly digestible proteins and other nutrients not abundant in other foods, e.g marine Omega 3, vitamin D, Iodine and Selenium. To read more about these nutrients, click on the document below.

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Seagarden Fish powder

A natural source of high quality proteins (64-66%), Vitamin B12, Vitamin A, Calcium, Phosphorus, Iodine and Selenium, and marine Omega 3.

Made of wild-caught Arctic Cod Fish carefully cooked, dried and micro-milled.

Available as powder (250g) and capsules (250 pcs.).
Recommended daily dosage 1-2 tablespoons (10-20g) or 8-10 capsules.

Seafood cod protein

High content of highly digestible proteins (85-90%) in a natural combination with vitamins, mineral and trace elements.

Made of wild-caught Cod Fish carefully cooked, dried and 

micro-milled. Added aroma for a better taste experience. 

Available as powder with taste of Lemon or Coffee. 

Other tastes by special requests.

Recommended daily dosage 5-10 g or 8-10 capsules.

Pre-clinical study with Seagarden Cod Protein shows 
positive results:

Fed with Cod Protein

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