-It Almost Feels Like Having Two ‘Degrees’ In One!

Publisert 02.20.2024
Adrian Henrik Øwre

Adrian Henrik Øwre has a certificate of apprenticeship in logistics and successfully completed his vocational training in 2021 at Seagarden. Unfortunately, there were no available positions in logistics at Seagarden, so Adrian took the chance to work as a production assistant at the company instead – a choice that turned out to be the right one.

While chance brought him to this position, he now thoroughly enjoys his role.

– The friendly colleagues and interesting tasks make me look forward to going to work every day, says Adrian.

It started with a satisfying apprenticeship

Seagarden is ideally located for marine-based production, with regards to shipping to the international market and for receiving fresh and frozen raw materials.

It’s placed closely to a deep-water port, making it easy to transport containers to and from the facility. Adrian also points out how he thinks it’s nice to work close to the sea.

The 22-year-old never fancied a sedentary job. He wanted an active workday filled with practical tasks that keep him on his feet.

– I was a bit late in sending out apprenticeship applications, but I got help from the training office. Through that connection, I became an apprentice at Seagarden, and I have enjoyed working here ever since, says Adrian.


Diverse experience

Adrian highlights forklift driving as one of the most enjoyable tasks he performs at work. With a professional certificate in logistics and the role of a production assistant, he has diverse experience that enhances his work in the production hall.


Having my certificate in logistics and a few years of experience working in production makes it feel almost like having two ‘degrees’ in one, Adrian laughs. Before he adds:

I have truly learnt a lot in the years I have been here at Seagarden.


In the production hall

As a production assistant, Adrian is at the core of producing dietary supplements at Seagarden. In the production hall, he cuts fish skins, follows the process step by step, and brings the skin to other parts of production.

–  Before I started at Seagarden, I didn’t know fish skin could turn into collagen. We utilize remnants from the marine industry in the production of marine powder and collagen for human consumption, I find the entire process very interesting!