Aquaculture & pet food

Seagarden offers high quality marine ingredients suitable for animal nutrition’s applications in Pet Food, Fish Baits, 

Aquaculture Feeds and Aquarium Feeds


With a content of highly digestible proteins, marine omega 3 fatty acids, vitamins, minerals and trace elements, Seagarden Salmon and Cod powders are perfect ingredients in natural and nutritional attractants (appetite enhancers), snacks and supplements for pets. 

Seagarden`s own brand of nutritional supplements are also suitable for pets. 


Our fish extracts (Cod, Tuna, Salmon and Crab) and Salmon oil may be used in fish baits due to high solubility and digestibility of their proteins, which act as an attractant for fish.


Seagarden marine fish powders are suitable as ingredients of larval microencapsulated feeds for Shrimp, Cod, Sea Bass, Sea Bream, Halibut, Sole and Turbot.

Our Mussel, Saithe and Squid powders are used as ingredients for shrimp maturation feeds (broodstock). Shrimp powders as an ingredient in feeds for Wrasse, a species widely used as a biological solution to the sea lice problem in Salmon farming. 

Seagarden also offers fish gelatin (Collagen Peptide Paste) to be used as a binder for fish feed ingredients. 


Shrimp shell powders provide dietary fibres in feeds, which helps the digestion process and fights diseases. Astaxanthin contained in the shell helps to keep the fish`s natural red-orange colour and acts as an antioxidant.