Savory ingredients

Seagarden offers a variety of high quality Natural Seafood Ingredients to the savoury industry worldwide:

•  Fish powders

•  Salmon powders

• Shellfish powders

•  Mollusc powders

• Fish and shellfish extracts in liquid, paste & powder form


Seagarden Natural Seafood Ingredients are currently used in a wide range of successful finished products throughout the world:

• Soups, sauces and casseroles

• Bouillons and stocks

• Snacks, dips, salads, pizza toppings and pasta fillings

• Flavors and composite blends

• Baby foods

• Pet foods

• Feedstuffs, aquaculture

Will they survive processing?

The natural characteristic flavors of Seagarden Natural Seafood Ingredients are retained despite the various processes they may undergo for preservations. This being canning, pasteurization, UHT, freezing, cook-chill, sous-vide or dehydration as methods of preservations.

How much do I need to use?

The suggested dosage level varies between product types, method of preservation and whether the seafood powders are used as the main characteristic flavor constituent or as component in composite flavor blend.

Many years of experience in recipe formulation has shown us that Seagarden Natural Seafood Ingredients work particularly well in combination with each other, to produce specific, characteristic tastes. Depending on the application, typical dosage can vary from 1 – 5 % of the finish dish.

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