How Stauda Sofie Hansen combines work and education

Publisert 12.18.2023
Stauda Sofie Hansen
Stauda Sofie Hansen discovered her interest in production engineering through early work experience with smaller industrial companies. When the opportunity for shift work at Seagarden arose, she accepted and commenced her on-the-job training. In the coming year, she is set to get her certification in production engineering.

If I had the opportunity to choose my subject in school again, I would go for technology and industrial subjects. I find it interesting, and it opens many doors for the future, offering varied tasks. With some prior industry work experience, I chose to obtain my certificate of apprenticeship while working, Stauda explains.

Stauda Sofie Hansen

During her time at Seagarden, Stauda has seen significant developments in the company. She has witnessed challenging times in the industry, such as the pandemic, the war in Europe, and changes in the market. All posing a different challenge for the procurement and distribution of Seagardens goods. Stauda views this as a learning experience, to get to see how Seagarden as a company has faced these external challenges head on, and made adjustments to further evolve, even in these challenges times.

A typical workday for Stauda involves initiating processes, control machines during operation, and packing finished goods. She takes samples to ensure correct values, stays updated on other departments, and collaboratively plans tasks with them.

Stauda Sofie Hansen

On-the-job Education

Seagarden values their employees competence and offers further education. Recognizing Stauda’s existing work experience as an apprenticeship, Seagarden enrolled her in a one-year course in production engineering.

Through the work at my job combined with theory from the production engineering course, I have gained a better understanding of the field. Getting my certification this way makes it easier to grasp the connection between theory and practice for me.

Seagarden, headquartered at Husøy, Karmøy, is a company that values a pleasant and inclusive community for their employees.

Both management and people from different departments are committed to a cooperative work environment and are always willing to step in when needed. There is quite a diversity – many different ages, backgrounds, and experiences, which makes it a great environment to learn from each other, says Stauda.