Logistical Harmony – Arild’s Impact at Seagarden

Publisert 03.26.2024

In the offices of Seagarden, located in Avaldsnes on the west coast of Norway, Arild Skogland can be found. For the past three years, he has served as an order and logistics coordinator at Seagarden

Arild resides in Haugesund with his wife, who also works at Seagarden. The 44-year-old had heard both his wife and other acquaintances boast about the workplace, which piqued his interest in the company when he sought a career change. All this turned out to meet expectations, and Arild particularly appreciates the good working environment and the level of competence among his colleagues.

Nearly two decades of experience

Before joining Seagarden, Arild accumulated nearly 20 years of experience in coordination and logistics, including roles as foreman & operations manager. Bringing valuable knowledge from his previous positions, Skogland has become an asset at Seagarden, particularly in the areas of logistics and documentation.

The small but efficient logistics department

The logistics department consisting of Arild and his coworker, Vegar. Their days quickly fill up with tasks. Arild oversees collagen in bulk and private label products, while Vegar, leveraging his extensive production experience, manages all marine powder.

– I think it’s good that we have our own main responsibilities. But we are still very good at helping each other when needed, says Skogland.

Growth being the main motivation

One of Skogland’s primary motivations is being part of Seagarden’s continuous and rapid growth, as well as contributing to the green shift through his work.

– The global growth of Seagarden is very exciting to me. We send products all around the world, which requires us to be skilled at solving problems and thinking ahead, Skogland remarks.

When asked about what Seagarden is to him, Arild shared some insight:

– As a customer, you can expect transparency and reliability from Seagarden. We aim to work closely with all our customers, keeping your needs at the forefront of our operations. Seagarden strives to be a collaborative partner, dedicated to mutual growth and development with our clientele. Being on the frontline with our customers and market is a major motivation for working in logistics at Seagarden.

A typical workday

Many of Skogland’s workdays involve coordinating transportation and managing various documentations, some mandated by law and others by customer requirements. Additionally, staying updated on stock status and production is essential in logistics.

– At Seagarden, we prioritize quality above all else. Norway’s stringent industry documentation regulations underscore our commitment to quality. We take pride in producing and quality testing all our products right here in Norway, concludes Skogland.