Seagarden offers high quality Chitosan through Chitinor AS

Chitosans are naturally occurring widespread renewable biopolymers, derived from Chitin from crustacean shells. Chitosans are of interest due to their diverse positive biological and chemical characteristics, such as biocompatibility, bio adhesiveness, antimicrobial and superior drug delivery properties. 

Chitosans are generally considered as safe and biodegradable materials and are suitable for use in various applications in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry, as well as in the food, nutritional, agriculture and textile industries. 

Seagarden supplies two product lines of Chitosan:  Chitopharm™ and Hydamer™  


The Chitopharm™ product line is feasible for the use in pharmaceutical and biomedical applications. It consists of three Chitosan products with different molecular weights for use in various pharmaceutical applications in diverse medical specializations. Uses include wound care medical devices, sustained and targeted drug delivery systems.

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The Hydamer™ product line consists of seven powder and liquid chitosan products for use in cosmetic skin and hair care products. The Hydamer™ products are suitable for use in distinct Personal Care Products like creams, lotions, after-shaves, deodorants, hair styling products, hair conditioners, decorative cosmetics and many more.

For more information, please contact / + 47 528 59 486 or +47 994 71 924.