Extracts are defined as water-soluble paste or powders. 

Seagarden Marine Extracts are all made from the liquid phase after the boiling process.  The water soluble parts from the fish or shellfish are undergoing a separation step and the clean extract, containing water soluble peptides, nucleotides and pure amino acids, is then evaporated to a liquid (40 % DM) or further to a paste (70 % DM). Some liquids or pastes are further spray dried to a powder.  Normal carrier added to the extracts are salt (NaCl) before processing.

Main characteristics of Seagarden Marine Extracts

• Particle size for spray dried extract powders <200 micron

• Instant soluble in water 

• Salt normally used as carrier

• The extract powders are hygroscopic

• Natural declaration

• Typical shelf life for extract paste is 12 months at max. 20 degrees C (68 degrees F)

• Typical shelf life for extract powder is >24 months at max. 20 degrees C (68 degrees F)