The Process of Private Label

Publisert 06.27.2024

In 2017, Seagarden ventured into private labeling. We started noticing a large increase in requests from customers at fairs and events where we promoted our already branded products and bulk offerings. Startups and smaller customers, in particular, were interested in private labeling but struggled with the high minimum order quantities required by other manufacturers. By providing packaging services tailored to these smaller businesses, we’ve fostered mutual growth and developed strong partnerships. Many of these startups are now among our largest clients.

Customizing Your Own Product

We offer a variety of products under private labeling, with collagen being the most significant, accounting for 90% of our production. Additionally, we provide marine powder to meet various customer needs.

Sustainability is also an important factor in the private label process, which is why we offer Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) approved products. This certification attests that the fisheries from which we source our raw materials rely on sustainable fish stocks, minimizing environmental impact.

Key Account Manager for Private Label, Inger Karin Damm, has extensive knowledge of the private label topic from working on that segment since her start at Seagarden. She explains how a customer can personalize and contribute to the final product:

– We offer extensive customization for our private label customers, allowing them to significantly influence the final product. Customers can request unique formulations, packaging, and branding. Next, we evaluate the desired active ingredients considering availability, price, Halal and Kosher status, allergens, quality, and regulatory compliance. We confirm project feasibility by presenting new ideas to our management for approval. Once approved, our R&D department works closely with the customer to test and adjust the ingredients, making sure the final product meets all specifications.

Inger Karin Damm, Key Account Manager for Private Label

From Concept to Delivery

Our process from initial contact to final product delivery is detailed and collaborative. Initially, we create a customized product proposal based on the customer’s needs and target market. After finalizing the product type and packaging, we develop and test recipes to achieve the desired specifications.

We prepare detailed product specifications and undergo an approval process for new suppliers or materials. The final recipe is analyzed externally, and we send a sample, along with the product specifications, to the customer for label artwork preparation. Once we receive the artwork, we order all inputs and schedule the production date with our production manager.

This year, we invested in a new packaging facility, which will double our capacity starting this fall. This significant upgrade allows us to better meet the growing demands of our clients and continue delivering our signature high-quality products for private label efficiently.

By offering flexible private label solutions, we aim to support the growth of our smaller clients. Through careful processes and a customer-focused approach, we strive to be a dependable partner in the marine collagen and marine powder industry.